ENJOY these Experiences of others on the
Master Power Flame Process
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Some anecdotal MIRACLE experiences from subscribers to the Master Power Flame Process.

The testimonies of those on the Master Power Flame Process in this first section were those who had been in the original test group during 2006 to 2008 and still on the Process. Since then the testimonies have gotten even more fantastic.

CO - One thing I do have to say is that something has greatly (and I mean GREATLY) harmonized the neighborhood this summer. The business is finally getting consistent... the neighbors have all been cooperative for the first time... the house is finally getting some needed repairs... We harvested our first real fruit crop while most other growers nearby did not... the environment around the house has just felt so peaceful and tranquil for the first time since we moved in. It's the first time that I have actually considered the possibility of staying here because I can finally see the beauty and serenity of this little spot of paradise. It's amazing how people's discord can take a literal paradise and make it a living hell. Conversely it's also amazing how some harmony can create heaven on earth. I have seen it in living color! The SOMETHING that is helping this harmony to happen must be largely due to the Master Power Flame Process that we are using (from you) as none of this was happening until we joined... You asked for a report a few months back and I reported that things were getting better but now it has been several more months and the improvements continue at a not so subtle rate. It's just so amazing that when your environment is serene it is so much easier to maintain internal serenity. All I can say is THANK YOU ....

NM - ... my mental processes are faster and more focused ... old "issues" have come to the surface that I was unaware were even bothering me and have been released and dissolved ... interpersonal relationships are now more congenial and harmonious...

NJ - ... personal conflicts are getting less and less ... my mind seems to operate much faster ... I now perceive clearly how others are operating at work and in some cases it has been a real eye-opener ...

CA - harmony with others seems much easier ... perception of persons and places has vastly increased ... my internal conflicts seem to have evaporated ...

AZ - I have greatly improved physiological effects experienced mostly by myself and others I know who are on Master Power Flame Process. Namely, increase in physical muscle mass and reduction in fat. Stamina greatly enhanced. Huge increase of vital energy.

TX - ... sent message that her broken hip and leg, broken over a year ago, is now healing which wasn't happening until joining Master Power Flame Process for a few weeks. She can even stand up out of her wheelchair for a few minutes which she hasn't done for a year. Environmental stress is minimized and she is feeling so much better.

WA - Interesting "Coincidences" of note: 1) For several weeks, I had wanted to get a better set of "ear buds" for listening to computer stuff that would be comfortable and not bulky. One day in the parking lot of a restaurant, I almost stepped on a new set of ear buds that are everything I wanted, just lying on the ground. M and C were with me at the time. 2) Since the beginning of the year, I've been concerned that I have not been getting enough exercise as it's too cold to go outside and ride my bike. Just yesterday, M casually mentioned that she met some guy that's moving back east and that he didn't want to take his exercise equipment with him. He just gave it to her.

CO - Here is my feedback: since being put on the accelerated high intensity Master Power Flame last week, I am so energized that I have difficulty in going to sleep, but feel fine during the day and full of energy too. It seems like I have become younger and get everything I have to do with ease and no feeling of: "I'll just leave it till another day". Isn't that great? Love to you both.

EU - I did not even realize the number of times small miracles have happened! I was a hair-breadth away from a car accident, and maneuvered myself out of it I don't even know how; I also knew exactly what to do to a child who was choking on something she had swallowed and didn't even suspect I had the knowledge. It seems like in emergencies I am guided - what a blessing! Much love..

ID - Manifesting things which I wanted are happening so automatically and with no effort. I had wanted an aloe plant for the past few weeks - while visiting wifes dad he suggested that we take an extra aloe plant that he had.

... and this goes on and on with Master Power Flame Process subscribers ...

Company NY - ... our sales have gone exponential ... business increased almost overnight since we signed on ... we are able to help our developers in a creative interchange not before possible...

Company AZ - ... inspiring visions have shown our engineers how to develop several innovative new products ... engineering staff has commented that their thinking ability noticeably improved since we signed on ... more clarity ... everyone in company is more focused and operating more efficiently ... personnel conflicts have become a rarity ...

Company AZ - ... more creativity in company operations and personally ... I am thinking much more clearly that a few months ago and improvement is continuous ... business has increased steadily ... vastly improved quality of customers ...

Company VT - ... Our Non-Profit donations went off the chart just after we subscribed ...

The testimonies of those on the Master Power Flame Process in this second section are more recent testimonies from 2009 and on.

Webmaster - This fall (2009) I was at a conference in Phoenix, AZ and there were about 8 people in the audience on the Master Power Flame Process. I can see some auric energy fields around people so I was wondering if the ones on the MPFP were any different. I was very happily surprised to see that they had an intense very clear crystal force field around them that was about 40 feet across and no one else in the audience of about 100 people had anything at all. The people in the audience were all students of the Ascended Masters so all are very high level and very advanced spiritually in many way. So the Process is really working! Since 2009 I have had 6 others who are MPF subscribers can now see the high intensity fields around those on the process.

Company CA - We had the best year ever since we went into business (real estate) and this in a down market for all but us.

UB - Yes, you can add this from my experience, which I think will be interesting to others. If the English is not correct, please do correct it for me, thanks!
I´m astounded to see, that things which I wanted to do for many years, I´m actually doing them now. So for example I had in my mind for many years, that I wanted to play special works on the piano. I always wanted to, but for some reason couldn´t . I didn´t find the time for it or just forgot it in the other demands of my Life or I found reasonable reasons for not doing it. It felt as if something wanted to prevent me from doing it. BUT NOW, I´M DOING IT and it just fits perfectly in my everyday life. The same with the practise of singing. I always wanted to sing special classical songs and practise the vocal technic. For some reason I couldn´t and didn´t, although I really wanted to. BUT NOW, I´M JUST DOING IT and that feels very good and fulfilling, not only to have the dreams but to simply live them.

HR - Thank you very much for being able to belong to the "Master Power Flame Process. I want to share the miraculous experiences I've had. There is now rapid and effective resolution of on my work activities. My personal relationships are more fluid, more friendly. I'm not afraid to speak directly to God and his creative process. I noticed that when I am communicating the words flow with joy about what I'm talking. Things that I was trying to get moving are now beginning to move. It has made me more aware, more responsible, more studious of the "I AM". In general I see that negative thoughts do not get to me. The process of replacing the negative with the good news has greatly increased. And I am awakened to a desire to study very much all the teachings of the "I AM"... Thank you very much for everything. God Bless You

JJ - Here is my feedback: since being put on the accelerated Master Power Flame level last week, I am so energized that I have difficulty in going to sleep, but feel fine during the day and full of energy too. It seems like I have become younger and get everything I have to do with ease and no feeling of: "I'll just leave it till another day". Isn't that great?

Site Master:   Several have asked me how long does this process take?

Answer: That depends on several things.

1. People who are sensitive can feel the big jump in energy around them the second they go onto the Master Power Flame Process.

2.  Purification starts immediately. The Sacred Fire is pure God Energy.

 3.The time it takes to clean up a person's karmic load is dependent on each individual and how intensely they get busy  with the Sacred Fire, accept their Freedom, and function within the Christ Consciousness of their God Self, the I Am Presence.

4. The most important is how intensely and diligently the person  keeps their attention on their Great I AM Presence.

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