Some ask:
"Isn't a Protective Aura orTube of Light  the Same Thing as the Master Power Flame?"

They are not the same thing. The "Protective Aura" or "Tube of Light" is  projected by a person's Higher Self when the person holds a mental  image or visualization of being surrounded by an aura of pure, clear, White Light or protective tube of White Light as White Light is the color, is of pure God Protection and Purity. It is true that this visualization and acceptance that it is the power of God protecting the person actually does provide a very effective protection which is manifested by your God Self (your I Am Presence) when you visualize.

However any discord such as negative thoughts or feelings from you will disrupt this protective aura, punch holes into, causing energy leaks in the tube, and render the tube of light much less effective.

The Advantage of the Master Power Flame Process
The Master Power Flame Process puts a high intensity forcefield of the Sacred Fire around the person. It is there as long as the person is on the Master Power Flame Process. This forcefield is in addition to any aura protection or tube of light of the person. The MPF is in addition to any other personal energy protection that each person should keep in place and intensifing the energy in it..

The Sacred Fire, the highest energy in the universe is in the Master Power Flame. It immediately works to purify ALL negative patterns or distorted energies in the person's mind and body so they are really gone. The Sacred Fire is God's Forgiveness which heals the person and makes them whole again.

The Master Power Flame Process projects the Sacred Fire around a person and it will initiate cleanup of any energies that are vibrating at a lower level. Since the distorted patterns of a person are at a lower vibration and energy level, the Master Power Flame corrects these distorted patterns and puts them into a purified state and a high rate of vibration. The higher energies of the Sacred Fire control and perfect all lower energies which are not in alignment with the Universes patterns of perfection.

One of the biggest advantages of the Master Power Flame is it is around the person continuously 24 hours a day 7 days
a week regardless of the status of the persons thought or feelings. In the end, however, the person still needs to ask for forgiveness for their discordant behavior so the negative energies can be redeemed. The Master Power Flame is also the highest most powerful energy force there is and is not subject to the person's personal qualification of the energy.

Why the name "Master Power Flame" was chosen
I was asking the Ascended Masters a name that would cover the process and ideas that relate to how the universe functions. I wanted some name that encompassed the Logos concept, the physics of the manifest universe, the energy of the universe, the consciousness of perfection creating the universe, in short, all the energies and patterns known and unknown that comprise the Universe, the Christ Consciousness.

My wife and I got the name in meditation at the same time; namely "master power flame". Universal energy permeates all space and time.

The highest aspects of Christ Consciousness energy are the various activities of the Sacred Fire that enable a person to manifest the master consciousness.

The Master Power Flame, that permeates the universe, contains ALL the patterns that are constantly sustaining and creating the entire universe.

Because the Master Power Flame contains all the patterns of perfection, it controls and purifies all distorted energy patterns such as hate and fear and removes the distortion from the energy and thus frees the energy back to the Perfection.

One can think of the Master Power Flame as a purification agent in two ways.

  1.  The Master Power Flame is likened to heating a piece of metal that has
   a distortion in it. The heat removes the distortion by raising the
   temperature of the metal and when cooled the distortion is gone as the
   metal will revert to its non-distorted state as it cools. The Master Power
   Flame  removes the energy distortions in and around a person's energy
   and the distortion is no longer there as the essential energy is purified with
   no distortions in the energy.

  2.  In another way the Master Power Flame is likened to a glass of water
  that has dirt in it. When clean pure water is continually added to the water, it
  eventually replaces the dirty water with pure clean water. Saturating a
  person's physical, mental, and emotional nature with the Master Power
  Flame eventually gets rid of all energy distortions and brings the person to a
  state of perfection.

What the Master Power Flame Contains
The MPF contains all the high spiritual patterns, all Sacred Fire activities, of eternal perfection. In addition to the Sacred Fire, the MPF contains the patterns which define how the universe is to operate on all levels and manifests perfection when uninterpreted by the discord of human beings. This includes the patterns that make the various levels of the physical universe such as atoms, molecules, planets, suns, galaxies, etc. It also includes the patterns that make up our physical bodies such as DNA, organs, blood, tissue, etc.

About the Original Developer of the Master Power Flame Process

The Master Power Flame Process has been released by the Ascended Master to a scientist known world-wide for his alternative energy research that he has been engaged in since the 1950s. He and many other researchers into alternative science are working to bring forth the new science that will eventually supersede the current physics and medical paradigms. He is actively working on new alternative energy inventions, gravity research, and electronic medicine. As a lifelong student of metaphysics, plus science degrees in mathematics and electrical engineering and extensive backgrounds in physics and material science, he was ideally prepared technically and mentally for bringing forth this world changing technology that will bless the world and help move it into the Golden Age of Peace and Freedom.

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