Goal of the Master Power Flame Process
  - Provide an Protective Energy Environment in and around you so
    you can become Master of yourself, a person of Love, Purity,
    Power, and Perfection

Several years ago I received a Vision which clearly and distinctly showed me how to implement the Master Power Flame Process and what it was to be used for.

The vision was implemented and performed extensive testing, for several years, to ascertain its validity and safety.

I was shown that the energies the Master Power Flame technology taps into are the basic energy flows from Higher Levels of creation.

-  When the Master Power Flame, the LOGOS, energies get  concentrated enough
    they manifest as a flame. Those with  their Inner Spiritual Vision can see the flame.
The Master Power Flame energies are radiated from the center of creation by tremendously advanced Spiritual Beings

Higher orders of consciousness are also in the LOGOS or Master Power Flame as I call it. These are the divine qualities such as love, peace, harmony, perception, etc. that are exhibited by Adepts and Ascended Masters. We are told by the Ascended Masters that these are all activities of what they call Sacred Fire. Sacred Fire controls all levels below it and enables an Ascended Master to exhibit/operate at the highest levels of creative ability and have all the powers over phenomenal aspects of the universe.

The Ascended Masters (e.g. Jesus, Saint Germain), adepts (e.g. Yogananda, Babaji), derive their consciousness, their powers from the Master Power Flame.
This would be the powers which Ascended Masters exhibit such as instantaneous healing, creating matter directly from the aether (precipitation), dissolving matter back to aether (aetheralization), and healing on all levels both personal and on a larger scale. These patterns are the result of the Master having become one with all the divine patterns and forces in the Master Power Flame , AND maintaining a momentum of constructive harmonious actions to prove their reliability to handle these awesome forces.

The divine nature is, as Beloved Jesus expressed, as an exemplary exposition of the Master Power Flame, all its patterns of eternal perfection. This Divine Consciousness was also by the many Avatars of previous ages (e.g. Krishna from ancient Hindu culture). Our divine nature, the Christ consciousness, is one of total harmonious self-mastery over our own energies, consciousness, and the external world of time, space, matter, and energy.

The reason we don't have the full use of our creative abilities and manifest our perfected state of well being, of the Ascended Masters Consciousness, as I choose to call it, is we don't have enough of the Master Power Flame energies of eternal perfection in a concentrated form active throughout our mental, emotional, and physical states. And more importantly, we haven't gotten rid of our negative patterns and energies.

So knowing this how does the Master Power Flame concept help?

         - Proven Experiments have shown the Master Power
           Flame can be concentrated around anything and anywhere
           with the technology shown me in the vision.

By concentrating the  Sacred Fire from the Master Power Flame
   around a person rapid clearing of distortions in their
   physical, mental, and aetheric levels becomes a  

What distinguishes an adept or spiritual master from an ordinary person on the street is the high concentration of the Sacred Fire - the Master Power Flame the adept has and utilizes in all his/her activities.

The vision basically showed how to concentrate the Master Power Flame around anyone anywhere.

The Master Power Flame is everything the vision implied; namely, a way to help raise the consciousness of struggling humanity,heal and perfect the body, and advance into self-mastery.

Subsequent visions have shown how to implement and use the Master Power Flame. Once you have this Divine energy and consciousness around you it will enable you to hold more firmly and focus your attention on your Divine Self, the great I AM Presence.

I must caution you that this is not a panecea that you are going to instantly become an Adept. What the Master Power Flame does is put more Divine Protection around you:

   Your physical body
   Your feelings = your emotional body
   Your mind = your mental body
   Your Divine Pattern = your aetheric body

In essence - your physical, and finer energy level bodies.

You can have the Master Power Flame around you by Joining the Master Power Flame Process. By joining the Master Power Flame Process you can get enough LIGHT protection around you that you can achieve Self-Mastery and eventually become an Adept and move on to your Ascension into the Light of God Always Victorious.

RESULTS for those on the Master Power Flame Process are ASTOUNDING !

Personal comments from those on the Master Power Flame Process
    +  My energy level is much higher due to reduced stress
    +  My body is definitely getting healed and rejuvenated
    +  My old patterns of negative thinking have evaporated, gone
    +  I am more focused and able to think more clearly.
    +  My thinking processes have speeded up dramatically.
    +  Perception to know the truth has been greatly enhanced.
    +  I definitely have greater self-control and feel a real love for
        myself and others.
    +  I have an increased sense of well-being and internal peace
        with myself and the world.
    +  Miracles are happening regularly in my life.
    +  Harmony is finally operating fully in my life and
        those around me.

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The Master Power Flame is "LOGOS" the divine animating principle pervading the universe and really contains all the patterns of perfection that run the universe. Logos, the Master Power Flame, contains the instructions on how the universe manifest on all levels. These patterns are radiated throught the universe by the Great Supreme God Beings at the center of each Galaxy.