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Healing Wand

Please Note: No Medical claims concerning the Auric Aura Device or Auric Ray Wand are made herein. Results are strictly anecdotal with no official medical claims. People are specifically advised not to purchase products in the pursuit of cures for any medical condition currently treated by health professionals. Data in this paper is for informational purposes only and contains statements not evaluated by the FDA or any medical professional. Consult your doctor or other medical professional prior to use.

A number of years ago a friend of mine was giving me crystals every time I went to visit him. On returning home I asked myself "what am I supposed to do with all these crystals?". The next morning as I was coming out of sleep a picture was flashed on my consciousness of a healing device, complete in every detail with crystals like the one my friend had given me. It all looked very hokey to me but I learned long ago that such visions are a gift from God.  On telling my wife of the vision she asked me to build the device. She was having knee pains. I had all the parts so built one for her. She turned on the device, pointed it at her knee for a few minutes. Then she went about the house and suddenly realized that the pain was gone.  She repeated the treatment for several days in a row, until the pain was gone and did not return.

A few weeks later, I showed the device to another person, who asked me to make her one. She loaned it to another friend who used it on her husband suffering from a serious back operation. The AAD relieved pain which also went away very quickly each time AAD was applied. A few weeks of using the AAD every day on the back and the pain did not come back.

Auric Ray Wand (ARW)
Further visions from "on High" have resulted in an advanced version of the AAD that I call the Auric Ray Wand (ARW). The ARW does not require battery or electric power source; however, the crystal and the entire device is tuned to the creative energies at the Center of our Galaxy with a pattern driver that forces a healing ray from the crystal.

The ARW was tested and used by several very advanced Clairvoyants. They can all see a healing beam or ray of energy shooting out from the crystal for about 5 feet. When the ARW is operated by a healer, the healer can qualify the ray with various colors for whatever type of healing is required.

Further research and testing using the Clairvoyants as test operator/healers showed that projecting the ray from the ARW at a patient's chakras below the crown chakra would cause the person's aura to expand out instantly for about 1-2 feet all around the person being healed. By pointing the ARW down into the crown chakra of the patient being healed, their aura would expand out over 6 feet all around the person as a sun of healing energy.

It has been determined by myself and the Clairvoyants that the energies projected from the ARW are all activities of the Sacred Fire which is discussed in extreme detail by the Ascended Masters, Jesus being one of Them.

The Sacred Fire energy is totally constructive and purification of diseased conditions takes place and removes aberrations of the patient. Then the original Divine Pattern of the person manifests a healed condition. The ARW is a high concentration of the Sacred Fire bringing about miraculous type healings.

There have been many healings of various diseases with the ARW. Of course these are anecdotal stories and cannot be used as proof of the healing by the ARW due to restrictions by the Medical community. (see above disclaimer)

ARW shown below.

The ARW is about 9 inches long and 1 inch in diameter. This is a nice convenient size to fit in your pocket or purse. Protective caps are provided for the ends of the ARW (not shown) to protect the crystal. In the picture on the right, you can see the aetheric amplifier inside the tube on the senond picture. The protective caps are easily removed to use the healing wand.

The ARW is available from AWE. Price is $385 plus postage.  Foreign orders need extra postage so contact the below address or email. Payment is via PayPal using credit card or your PayPal account. You can also send a money order or check to the address below.

Auric Water Enterprises LLC
PO Box 1090
Sierra Vista, AZ 85636


A beam of the Sacred Fire radiates from the ARW when turned on .

Many healings have taken place when the ARW has been used.

Visualizing different colored light beaming from the ARW helps bring different effects.

White Light - Contains all colors and is great for purification and healing.
Violet Light - Transmutes, purifies, cleanses and heals diseased or discordant conditions.
Blue Light  -   Shatters negative energies and adds  high level energy to help healing.
Green Light - A calming healing energy that harmonizes a condition.
Gold Light - This is a flame of peace and healing.
Pink Light - The flame of Divine Love. Very healing also.

You can order your own Auric Ray Wand. Be happy and enjoy its use. A happy relaxed healer is a very effective healer. The more you accept the energies coming off the ARW the more intense is the energy healing the person. The aether energy beaming from the crystal is a healing energy and visualizing it various colors increases it healing power.